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Here's a collection of web links that you may find interesting, or not. If you find something that you think we'd be interested in then let us know!

Note that this page is still under construction and not complete!

Science Links

Astronomy Picture Of The Day As it says on the tin, a picture of some aspect of our universe (changes daily) - see also here.
Cassini-Huygens Mission Home page of the NASA mission to Saturn
Current Impact Risks If you're worried about the Earth being struck by an asteroid then here's the place to find out the likelihood. This is the home page of the Near Earth Object programme.
NASA Home page for NASA
BOINC Related
BOINC Denmark Some useful add-ons for BOINC (but you may need to know some Danish!). See the downloads page for more (which is in English!) - doesn't seem to be updated very often though.
BOINC UK Home of the BOINC UK lot.
BOINC Statistics Statistics pages (as mentioned here)
BOINC Synergy Single page statistics (once you've searched for your identity).
Home page of the Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence.
Einstein@Home Home page for the search for gravitational waves.



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