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This page contains details on what's been added. modified or removed from our site.

Date Changes
4th November 2007 Update to greybox V5.53
21st July 2007 Some new photos on Charlotte's and Elliott's pages
8th July 2007 Update to greybox V5.50; fixed contact page
13th May 2007 Elliott has turned up and has his own pages!
24th March 2007 Started to add images to Charlotte's 2007 pages
10th February 2007 Update to greybox V5.40
14th January 2007 Re-organised Charlotte's pages.
Added a page about greybox.
3rd December 2006 Added Charlotte's 2007 Calendar
1st December 2006 Changed the script used for generating the photo slide show as for some reason it won't work properly on a site that is hosted on a linux machine - worked alright in testing!
November 2006 Site redesigned (again!)


Page last updated: 4 November, 2007
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